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Lifeguard Training Programs

An ILTP™ Training Center is a non-client facility, organization (not participating in the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program) or individual authorized to conduct ILTP™ Community Lifeguard Training courses, ECSI Training Courses and also authorized to train lifeguard instructors through the ILTP™ Lifeguard Instructor Training Courses.

ILTP™ Training Centers offer facilities the opportunity to become Instructors and train lifeguards in the International Lifeguard Training Program course. The ILTP™ Program is a comprehensive Lifeguard Training program that promotes objective driven and performance based training that results in a more confident and competent lifeguard.

  • ILTP™ Training Centers will enter into a Training Center Agreement, which will authorize a facility or individual to participate in the ILTP™ Instructor and Lifeguard Training Program.
  • ILTP™ Training Centers will be required to participate in 1 ILTP™ Audit per year (additional reviews can be requested).
  • ILTP™ Training Centers will be provided ILTP™ Training Center Client Service access for class registration, documentation submission and ILTP™ Course Completion Credential management systems.
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