E&A Aquatic Operations Education and Training Programs

E&A Aquatic Operations Education and Training Programs currently available.

  • New ILTP® Shallow Lifeguard – 2.2 CEUs
  • New ILTP® Pool Lifeguard Course – 2.3 CEUs
  • New ILTP® Special Facilities Lifeguard Course – 2.4 CEUs
  • New ILTP® Special Facilities Lifeguard with Open Water Course – 2.7 CEUs
  • New ILTP® Instructor Course – 2.6 CEUs
  • Renewal ILTP® Shallow Lifeguard 1.0 CEUs
  • Renewal ILTP® Pool Lifeguard Course – 1.0CEUs
  • Renewal ILTP® Special Facilities Lifeguard Course – 1.0 CEUs
  • Renewal ILTP® Special Facilities Lifeguard with Open Water Course – 1.4 CEUs
  • Renewal ILTP® Instructor Course – 1.2 CEUs
  • Water Safety Plus Course – 0.8 CEUs

New Courses for 2015

Water Slide Dispatch Operator Course

*New- Water Slide Dispatch Operator Certificate Course– A two and half (2.5) hour,e-learningeducational course based on ASTM 2376, that emphasizes Dispatch Operator accountability in the slide operation. Candidates learn how the Dispatch Operator role relates to the overall risk management plan at an aquatic facility and the skills that apply to the dispatch cycle such as guest screening, rider loading, safety communication, recognition and monitoringthe dispatch area, plus many more general concepts that are applied when loading riders on and off a waterslide. IACET CEUS .3

*Coming 2015 – Water Slide Dispatch Operator Implementation Guide – A resource guide that is recommended for individuals who are directly responsible for developing and /or implementing the Standard Operating Procedure attraction training for water slides at an aquatic facility. Review how to incorporate the general concepts introduced in the Water Slide Dispatch Operator program when designing your facility’s ASTM 2376 water slide operation training. Use this resource as guidance for providing dispatch operator training solutions. Make enhancements to your existing training implementing industry training standards and best practices.

vanGUARD Aquatics Leadership Program® *New & Updated for 2015

A certificate, e-Learning, CEU course that meets the Model Aquatic Health Code lifeguard supervisor training requirements outlined in MAHC section 6.2.2 “Lifeguard Supervisor Training Elements”. Lifeguard Supervisors learn important topics related to leading lifeguard teams such as how to manage lifeguard scanning and vigilance, techniques for developing and evaluating Zone of Protection® areas, practice development of Emergency Action Plans unique to their facility, and being preventative in an aquatic facility environment. The course offers users resources and templates for customization at their facilities and comes with creative team-building exercises and activities designed to reinforce learning topics within the program. In 2015, E&A will offer three (3) versions of this leadership program providing ultimate flexibility for its clients and all users.

  • vanGUARD Aquatics Leadership e-Learning – IACET CEUs .2 A two hour fully online version of the course that includes all MAHC required training elements, that allows students the ability to review the course content and complete an assessment of the materials. Course materials include e-learning access to student workbooks, and downloadable forms and resources customizable for a facility.
  • vanGUARD Aquatics Leadership Blended Course – IACET CEUs .4 – A four-hour course that offers a two-hour, online module students complete before taking the 2 hour leader-led (classroom) portion of the class. The e-Learning portion of the course reviews course content and the leader-led instruction reinforces the content through highly engaging activities that are designed to develop aquatic facility supervisor skills, and reinforce the importance of teamwork, through group activity facilitation. Course materials include e-Learning access to student workbooks, downloadable activities workbooks for students, and customizable forms and resources for facility use.
  • vanGUARD Aquatics Leadership – IACET CEUs .7 – a seven-hour leader-led course that is highly interactive and engaging designed to be instructed onsite at an aquatic facility. This course is designed to develop aquatic facility supervisor skills and reinforce the importance of teamwork. Course materials include, student workbooks with activities that can be used on electronic devices or printed, customizable forms and resources for facility use.

Train the Trainer e-Learning– IACET CEUs .4

A 3.5-hour certificate course designed to teach trainers how to facilitate and lead training sessions. This course teaches candidates professional presentation skills that are applicable for teaching any training lesson. Candidates gain firsthand knowledge of how to design and instruct lessons so that working memory transitions into long-term memory to achieve successful training outcomes for the students. Candidates learn adult learning theory, how to prepare and teach lessons that cater to diverse learning styles, the importance of assessment and different ways to assess learners, and how to communicate constructive feedback when training people. Trainer candidates in this course will gain valuable knowledge and experience that translates to teaching any lesson or training session at their facility.

Coming Soon Waterpark/Pool Maintenance Modules CEU/No CEU,

Certificate offerings presented as individual e-learning modules relating to Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) requirements, everyday facility needs, and current industry issues and best practices, will be designed to provide users with unique resources to enhance education and training for various Maintenance personnel at an Aquatic Facility. The individual modules will be developed using Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) from within the industry, to assist Aquatic Facility Owners/Operators in providing quality educational and developmental training for maintenance personnel, and in turn, enhance a facility’s overall sustainability, reduce Life-Cycle Costs associated with equipment/physical plant longevity, and limit risk exposures within. The e-learning nature of the modular offerings will allow Owners/Operators to provide Maintenance personnel with affordable, time-efficient learning opportunities, minimizing time away from the facility and the costs associated with attending leader-led trainings.