About Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc. (E&A) is anInternational Aquatic Safety and Risk Management Consulting firm dedicated to the prevention and elimination of drowning.  E&A provides Lifeguard Instructor training, Aquatic Risk Management services, Accident Investigation, Litigation Support, Emergency Care training, Learn to Swim and Continuing Education programs for all types of aquatic facilities around the world.

Since inception, our Mission has always been “the elimination of drowning events through Proactive Aquatic Risk Management”.


International Lifeguard Training Program® (ILTP®)

The International Lifeguard Training Program®is a universally accepted, objective driven lifeguard training program that produces lifeguards that perform at a higher level than those of other national/international training agencies.

ILTPWhen we began the journey toward accomplishing our mission, we created a one-of-a-kind lifeguard training program, known today as the International Lifeguard Training Program® (ILTP®).  Our proactive & professional approach to preventive lifeguarding has established new “Standards of Care” for the industry.  ILTP®is a unique, comprehensive lifeguard training program; the content includesHealth Care Provider level CPR, AED training, Emergency Oxygen Administration training, and First Aid, along with state-of–the-art rescue techniques.  The comprehensive nature of the program allows for a complete training curriculum that prepares the lifeguard with one, single course, the continuity of which produces competence and confidence. The ILTP®provides an objective driven and performance based curriculum. Lifeguard candidates must successfully pass written and practical (“hands-on”) tests in order to receive an E&A CARMP™License or an ILTP®Course Completion Certificate. Adequate instruction time is provided for students to meet the training objectives and achieve “test ready” competency.


Over the years, we have built upon the implementation of this training and, using ILTP®as a foundation, developed the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™.The CARMP™ is Ellis & Associates’ flagship program, providing full-service aquatic safety and risk management consultation that goes well beyond simple “lifeguard training”.

Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP™) CARMPThe CARMP’s™unique services, extensive Program Standards Handbook, CARMP™Standards/accountability-based Auditing program, and 24-hour a day, year-round access to operational resources and industry experts gives facility Owner/Operators all the tools necessary to be successful.  It is a complete, multifaceted aquatic safety guidance program.  As a result, Ellis & Associates’CARMP™ Client facilities have an unmatched performance record and include some of the largest recreational aquatic venues in the world, hosting hundreds of millions of visitors each season.After more than 30 years, E&A’s Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™is still the “Platinum Standard” Aquatic Safety Program available to the industry, and remains the single program that every other risk management organization compares themselves to.

The Customized Risk Prevention Programis the latest Ellis & Associates program offering, and once again illustrates why E&A has remained the leader in Aquatic Safety & Risk Management Consulting for more than 30 years.

Customized Risk Prevention Program™ CRPPIn continuing their legacy as industry innovators, Ellis & Associates is the only Risk Management Consultant and Training Agency that offers more than one Service Program.The Customized Risk Prevention Program is the latest of these program offerings and combines the foundational accountabilityofLifeguard Licensure with performance-based Audits, and baseline Risk Prevention services, while allowing Clients the opportunity to assess their own, individual operational risks and choose right-fit options from our highly effective “best practices” and “program standards”,to meet their aquatic safety needs and budgetary requirements.  As a result of the flexibility inherent in allowing Clients to tailor their risk prevention strategies to their individual needs, the Customized Risk Prevention Programis perhaps the most universally accessible consulting service available to Aquatic Facility Owners/Operators anywhere in the world.

Authorized Provider PROGRAM

The success of the International Lifeguard Training Program® and it’s reputation as the premiere Lifeguardtraining program in the world has generated much interest in the aquatic community.  Many individuals and/or organizations have long sought the ability to train their staff, or the community at large, using the ILTP®, without the accompanying services of the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ or the Customized Risk Prevention Program.Recognizing this desire within the industry, Ellis & Associates created an Authorized Provider Service known as the ILTP®Training Center Program.

ILTP® Training Centers – Authorized Provider Service ILTP CenterBecoming an ILTP®Training Center entitles aquatic facility Owner/Operators to have select members of their team participate in official ILTP®Lifeguard Instructor training courses. These courses provide the critical Lifeguard Instructor training and mandatory Licensing necessary for them to then be able to conduct their own authorized ILTP®Lifeguard courses and/or E&A Safety & Health courses, on-site and as needed, and without participation in the risk management services mentioned above; affording Owners/Operators the ability to integrate ILTP®trained Lifeguards into their facilities existing operational practices. ILTP® Training Centers may also be an individual or organization that operates as an independent training entity, conducting training courses externally, as a means for generating revenue or providing a service to the community.


Our learn to swim program, Jeff Ellis Swimming (JES), was launched in 2009 and continues to serve as a high-quality, fun, engaging way for aquatic facility Owners/Operators to provide swim lessons to the community.

Jeff Ellis Swimming JESAdapting to the ever-changing aquatic safety and operational landscape is what E&A is all about and we are continually looking to create programs to meet our Clients’ needs. One such need was for a program designed to teach folks how to swim. We will teach key members of your team to become Program Coordinators so they, in turn, can teach the rest of your team to become swim instructors.  Whether used as a revenue generating opportunity, or as a community outreach program, JES is an ideal program to connect with children and young families.  With six different student levels available, JES is the right choice for everyone; from those just beginning to experience being in and around the water, to those looking to refine their strokes to a more polished level.


Ellis & Associates is pleased to be an Authorized Provider of IACET. This prestigious accreditation demonstrates our commitment to high-quality lifelong learning and high standards for all of our programs. We are proud of our education programs that reach thousands of safety, supervisory, and health care professionals each year, helping to broaden their skills so that they remain on the cutting edge of education.

Ellis Education Services ellisFor more than thirty years, E&A has provided award-winning Aquatic Operations Education and Training Programs, certification programs and risk management services to its clients around the world. Ellis & Associates joins an elite group of member firms that offer high-caliber continuing education and training programs as an Authorized Provider of IACET CEUs.  Every E&A course offering has been thoroughly vetted by Ellis Education Services, and comply with all of the IACET standards, which allows Ellis Education Services to award participants in any of E&A’s training programs, CEUs upon successful completion. This means that all of our Lifeguarding/Lifeguard Instructor Courses, all of our Ellis Education Services courses (including the Waterslide Dispatch Operator Training course, theMAHC Compliant vanGUARD: Aquatic Leadership Training course, and our Train-the-Trainer course), and all of our Safety & Health Courses offer CUEs – Something no other training agency can offer. The International Accreditation for Continuing Education Training (IACET) IACET_LogoThe International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET is the only standard-setting organization approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for continuing education and training. The ANSI/IACET Standard is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.


Safety & Health Training Services, a part of Ellis Education Services, is the newest line of high-quality training programs in Ellis & Associates’ (E&A) ever-expanding course catalog.

Safety & Health Training Services HSWith the introduction of our premiere line of Safety & Health training courses, our goal is to make emergency care training exciting, affordable, and easily accessible, not only for Lifeguards, but for employers and employees working in fields such as health care, education, parks and recreation, amusement/waterpark industry, construction, childcare; and for laypersons as well. Whether you are looking for emergency care training for yourself, your staff, or even your family, we have an option that will satisfy your needs.  Large group or small; at your location or elsewhere; conducted by your own instructors or our instructors, we provide convenient and affordable training options to meet all your needs. All of our Safety & Health programs meet the most current International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Guidelines, as well as the OSHA First Aid Standard 29 CFR 1910.151, and can be used, not only a means to ensure the quality training your staff receives, but also as a revenue generator or community outreach program.

Ellis & Associates: Innovation and Accomplishment

  • E&A works with over 600 organizations in the United States and around the world, servicing more than 100 million guests each year.
  • E&A CARMP™Clients, Customized Risk Prevention Program™ participantsand ILTP® - Training Centers train over 40,000 lifeguards every year.
  • E&A conducts over 2,000 Aquatic Safety Operational Audits every year.
Innovation As the Industry Leader in Aquatic Safety and Risk Management, Ellis & Associates was the FIRST U.S. and International service provider to…
  • Create a comprehensive lifeguard training program (NPWLTP – now ILTP®) combining first
Aid, Health Care Provider CPR, Emergency Oxygen Administration, AED, and lifeguarding skills into one curriculum
  • Develop a lifeguard training program specifically for use in waterparks
  • Develop a Shallow Water Lifeguard training program for use in swimming pools, waterparks, and resorts
  • Introduce in-water rescue breathing technology using the SealEasy™ mask
  • Develop, implement, and mandate use of the rescue tube to execute all in-water aquatic rescues
  • Develop and implement the use of two-lifeguard spinal injury management and water extrication techniques
  • Design and implement an Aquatic Safety Operational Auditing program for Clients participating in the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP)
  • Develop and implement Automated External Defibrillation (AED) training into its lifeguard training curriculum
  • Develop and implement Supplemental Oxygen Support training into its lifeguard curriculum
The ONLY U.S. and International service provider to…
  • Mandate auditing for E&A Licensed Lifeguards working at CARMPand Customized Risk Prevention Program™Client facilities
  • Mandate Quality Control Audits for all Authorized ILTP®Training Centers
  • Provide a mandatory and enforceable lifeguard accountability program at E&A CARMPand Customized Risk Prevention Program™Client facilities
  • Implement and include Supplemental Emergency Oxygen Support technology into lifeguard training curriculum
  • Require E&A CARMPClient facilities to provide emergency oxygen equipment onsite to
  • Require a two-minute AED and one-minute emergency oxygen operating standard for E&A CARMPClient facilities
  • Provide Zone of Protection™ area development and documentation program, and VAT™ Zone Validation documentation program to meet Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) requirements
  • Develop Vigilance Awareness Training program (VAT™) and mandate program use at E&A CARMPClient facilities
More Innovation…
  • E&A was the first training organization to clearly define a practicable objective when it comes to Lifeguard scanning, incorporating a proactive element to lifeguard training that could be measured and evaluated: The 10/20 Protection Standard.
    • The execution of the 10/20 ensures that a Lifeguard can recognize a guest in distress within their Zone of Protection area in 10 seconds and subsequently, be able to reach the GiDand begin rendering aid within 20 seconds of recognition.
    • The 10/20 Protection Standard has been almost universally adopted as the standard-of-care for lifeguard scanning and the individual components of the 10/20 have incorporated into the Model Aquatic Health Code.
  • E&A was the first training organization to develop equipment based non-contact rescues, utilizing the rescue tube.
    • This increased not only the effectiveness of the lifeguards, but it made it significantly safer for both the rescuer and the guest in distress.
    • With the proven success of the use of the rescue tube, other training organizations, such as the American Red Cross, have since incorporated the use of the rescue tube into their lifeguard training program.
  • The first training organization to include in-water rescue breathing as part of its training and rescue protocol.
    • Other training organizations have since included similar protocol as an option, but not as standard practice.
    • The American Heart Association, in its 2010 ECC Guidelines, highlighted the effectiveness of in-water rescue breathing to a guest in distress who can be recognized and reached quickly – something E&A lifeguards are uniquely qualified to do!
  • The first to uniquely recognize the need for site-specific training techniques that are appropriate for the many environments and staffing situations. E&A helps our clients, “Make it Work!”
    • For example, lifeguards are taught techniques to perform suspected spinal injury managementwith a large team or with two lifeguards regardless of depth of water.
    • This includes the innovative use of backboard equipment to extricate guests from a pool making the most effective use of available staff and maximizing the safety of the guest and the team members.
    • While other training organizations have adopted some of these procedures, they default to a “one size fits all” approach that limits the practical application of skills in unique environments.
  • The first training organization to include all required training elements in one comprehensive training course (ILTP®), requiring one textbook.
    • Other training organizations have since combined some course elements, but E&A remains the only that covers all content in a single textbook.
  •  In 2005, E&A became the first training organization to have a blended-learning course option that includes both an online learning portion and an in-person practical test out.
    • Other training organizations have added an online course option to their offerings.
  •  In 1996, E&A became the first training organization to require supplemental oxygen support as a training component and rescue protocol.
    • Despite years of evidence that emergency supplemental oxygen is effective treatment of a guest who has been rescued after a submersion event, other training organizations still maintain this as optional.
  • In 2000, E&A became the first training organization to require the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) as training and rescue protocol.
    • This was instituted years before it became commonplace to even see AED equipment in public places.
    • E&A is proud of the role it has played in raising awareness and training in the use of AED equipment for more than 15 years.
    The first and only training organization that incorporates a one-of-a-kind Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP)that works in conjunction with the lifeguard training to provide systems that create and maintain a culture of safety, reducing or eliminating risk exposures, and ultimately keeping guests safe.
    • This accountability-based program focuses on key objective accomplishment with protocols that meet both uniform standards and site-specific needs of each unique aquatic environment.
  •  The first training organization to include accountability audits of lifeguards – Aquatic Safety Operational Audits.
    • Lifeguards at E&A CARMP™andCustomized Risk Prevention Program™Client facilities receive a license that requires that all aspects of their position be demonstrable at a “test-ready” level at all times.
    • Lifeguards are secretly video recorded while they are performing their lifeguarding duties and evaluated on their ability to maintain the 10/20 Protection Standard, professionalism, protection from the environment, and other behavior components designed to maximize the lifeguard’s effectiveness in preventing an incident from occurring.  Next, lifeguards are subjected to evaluation of their ability to execute the facilities Emergency Action Plan, for a variety of simulated emergency scenarios. Finally, an administrative evaluation for supervisors and the facility is conducted.
    • If problems are discovered at any point, they are remediated thereby mitigating risk before a catastrophic event can take place.
  •  The first and only training organization that maintains long term data on rescue trends and outcomes, allowing E&A to adjust or refine training when the evidence suggests this is needed.
    • Most other training organizations rely on theoretical opinions while we seek to constantly test the norms to ensure that we are always providing the best care possible.
  •  In 2001, E&A became the first and only training organization to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of its lifeguards in both qualitative and quantitative manners.  This is accomplished through the Vigilance Awareness Training Program® (VAT®).
    • E&A has utilized its VAT® program to train and condition lifeguards to recognize guests in distress at the surface, below the surface, and on the bottom of a pool within the confines of the 10/20 Protection Standard.
    • Lifeguards are evaluated both by the facility Owner/Operator and during Aquatic Safety Operational Audits, using Live Active Guests and Operational Manikin Drops, while on-duty and under the actual conditions the lifeguard is expected to perform.
E&A continues to provide innovation through its training and risk management programs and continues to provide cutting edge aquatic safety and education to its Clients and the aquatics industry as a whole.


Our History Through Logos…



National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard® Training Program logo. E&A’s Flagship program from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s


National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard® Training Program main logo, known around the world as the mark of excellence in lifeguard training.


National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard® Training Program second logo.


International Lifeguard Training Program (ILTP®)original logo. The successor program to the National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard® Training Program and the new mark of aquatics excellence


The Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program logo.


The Customized Risk Prevention Program logo.

ILTP Center

ILTP Training Center logo.


Ellis Education Services logo.