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About Us

In the early 80s, having observed that water parks were in need of a lifeguarding course specific to their type of facilities, Jeff Ellis devised such a course - the National Pool & Waterpark Lifeguard Training course - and created a total risk management program for water parks. The methods and program devised were of such quality and effectiveness that insurance companies were willing to insure those parks which adopted the program, and in less than ten years, 80% of the country’s water parks were clients of Ellis & Associates. Then, in the early 90s, a collaborative agreement with the National Safety Council and NRPA broadened the E&A base to include flat-water parks and facilities, and a Learn-to-Swim program. Subsequent materials developed include safety training for water exercise instructors, a similar one for coaches, a safety awareness program for motel pool operators, and an adapted aquatics segment for the Learn-to-Swim Instructor manual. The NPWLTP program is currently being used in 42 states, and in Mexico, Brazil, China, Spain, Bahamas, Korea, Cairo Egypt, Bahrain and Dubai.

The dynamics of the firm are such that courses and materials can be modified yearly, enabling the organization to adopt new techniques and developments rapidly, and stay on the cutting edge of technical and medical information. In many instances, Ellis & Associates sets the standard in the industry: an example would be the nearly universal adoption of the E&A 10/20 response rule. The 10/20 rule created by E&A has been totally accepted as the standard of care which should be provided by all lifeguards.

The unique features of the program devised include:

  • an initial assessment of facility for safety practices and risk control
  • training of staff in the NPWLTP course
  • an agreement, signed by the trainee, to maintain fitness & skills at all times
  • an agreement with facility management to maintain recommended risk management procedures
  • unannounced audits of facility and staff, to insure competence and maintenance of standards
  • Oxygen tanks for each facility.
  • AED support and training
  • immediate counsel and help from E&A in the event of an aquatic incident.

Some of these features have since been copied by other organizations. The American Red Cross, for instance, asked for and received permission to use E&A material in the 1994 revision of their lifeguarding book. The staff and associates of Ellis Associates have been carefully chosen. They are a unique group: highly competent, skilled, dedicated to safety in aquatics, and dedicated to the principles and programs of Ellis & Associates. They vary in academic background, including individuals from physical education, recreation, education, psychology, para-medicine and law. In addition, outside resources in research, medicine and law are invoked for special projects. They are clearly meeting their goal, and the goal of Ellis & Associates, to "make a difference in aquatic safety".